Sunday, April 17, 2011

Healthy Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe

I just made this recipe the other day and it was amazing!! It did take a little while to assemble and cook, but it was so worth it (especially for the leftovers). I did make a few changes to the recipe: I substituted half the tofu for ricotta cheese (thus making it vegetarian and no longer vegan), I also added cooked zucchini and spinach to the eggplant mixture to get in some more vegetables, and tried to use a lot less olive oil than what the recipe called for. If you're craving italian food, but don't want the added calories or fat, this is recipe is for you. After my additions, I calculated calories to be around 250 per serving (not bad eh?). My boyfriend also had no clue there was tofu in there instead of all cheese. Ha! Hope you enjoy :) You can find the recipe at:

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